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Eclectic Games is Reading's only dedicated specialist games shop.

Present your membership card at the till before purchasing, members are eligable to claim a 5% discount on all purchases. (Collectable card games, food and drink and tournament entry fees are excepted from this offer).

The Games Shop is a premier hobby games store located in Aldershot, Hampshire. We specialise in a wide range of games: board games, card games, roleplaying games, miniatures games, wargames, and more!

Present your membership card at the till before purchasing, members are eligable to claim a 5% discount.

Terrain Warehouse UK

Terrain Warehouse UK developed from its owners running a wargames club and we wish to promote other people to organise and run such clubs.

We have a club account which gets us 10% off their product.

Other links

AGOG Online The Online version of the world renowned AGOG magazine. (Well it will be famous one day)

The corporate Games Workshop site, and very nice it is too.

The Gaming Club Network site. Has club listings, a calendar of events and all sorts of other stuff.

I Can Has Cheezburger?® is a site that gathers, organizes, tags, and captions the funniest and entertaining pictures of user-generated lolcats and lol* (other animals) from the Internet. All of our lolcats and lol*whatevers are made by you, our users.

The makers of Hero Lab, Army Builder and Card Vault.

Maelstrom Games

Welcome to Maelstrom Games! We are totally independent wargames hobby retailers, priding ourselves on our knowledge, professionalism and customer service!

We offer a 10-15% discount and FREE postage worldwide with most items!*

The makers of Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (for now at least), Battlefield Evolution and Victory at Sea.

Privateer Press, the makers of Warmachine, Hordes and Mosterpocalypse.

Blitzkrieg Commander (WW2, 1936-45), Cold War Commander (Modern, 1946-2006) and Future War Commander (The Future) are fast-play wargame rules that allow you to re-create combined-arms battles from the Second World War through to the present day and well into the future, using miniatures on a tabletop.


Abingdon Wargames Club
A club in Abingdon (near Oxford) that runs the Overlord show every year (which we've been to)

Bracknell Forest Gamers

We are a group of gamers who meet every Monday night at: St Paul's United Reformed Church, Bracknell

We play mainly Games Workshop (Warhammer Fantasy battle / 40,000), Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. We also are known to play Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Bowl, Mordheim, Munchkin, Risk, D&D, Urban War and other games. We welcome any person who wishes to play, challenge or even teach us in any of the above or any other "cool" gaming systems

Enfield Gamers The Enfield Gamers community website

This is another local gaming club, this time based in Reading, Berkshire.

A Winchester club, near Sainsburys store at Badger Farm in Winchester. Website looks well done, and I understand membership includes gamers younger than "Winchester Wargamers".

A small veteran club "Winchester Wargamers", meets in the Scout Hut, Stockbridge Road, Winchester on 1st Saturday of each month. Some historical wargamers, some GW games, mainly 40k and some LOTR. Age group? Well, some members have played WHFB version 1... although some joined later than that ! Contacts: Caesar2_Slattery or "CuddlyHiveTyrant" John Barter (see SMS Yahoo Group).

Online communities 

Bell of Lost Souls, Warhammer 40k and Fantasy News

Warhammer 40,000 news, miniatures, tactics and opinions

The Bolter & Chainsword exists to help people learn about modelling, painting, understanding, and playing with power armoured armies in the Warhammer 40k game universe.

DakkaDakka might not be as slick as some, but its got loads of great info and lots of 'big stuff' to inspire the rest of us.

TMP is meant as a place where tabletop wargamers can get together on the internet. This currently includes providing daily Hobby News, forums, reference areas, and other functions.

Tabletop Gaming News is a website devoted to publishing news, review and articles about all facets of the tabletop gaming hobby.

Very good rumours site with excellent forums.

Links to huge amount of gaming sites.

A conversion and painting website.