Annual General Meeting 30th January 2018

We will elect a new committee.
Quick review of the year, and a look ahead.

Award trophies:
The Bruce McGrath trophy for Most Sporting Muppet
The Pixie Jam trophy for the Muppet of Muppets

Plus a little something for the winner of the 40k campaign

Members vote for the first two. Please send your nomination (just ONE for each category) to

The AGM will only take the first few minutes, so gaming as normal afterwards.

Don’t forget to bring your annual membership fee (£10).

2 thoughts on “Annual General Meeting 30th January 2018”

  1. Hi I was just checking out the website. Because my uncle who got me into miniature wargaming was a member. Then I saw you had a trophy named after him. That’s so amazing.
    I would love to come down one day.

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