The Sad Muppet Society Covid-19 risk assessment

This document is a temporary addition to the existing club rules here It is in force with immediate effect. Any change will be announced on our Facebook group here

The likelihood of Covid-19 transmission is currently unknown due to the high incidence of asymptomatic cases, but it is rising. The impact of any transmission, and subsequent infection, is potentially extremely severe. As such, the overall risk rating is difficult to assess. Members will have to decide upon their own appetite to accept the risk as, even with all the mitigations described below, it is impossible to entirely remove all risk of transmission.

Attached as Annex A at the end of this risk assessment are the rules the church has put in place for all users. In the case of any conflict between the church rules, Government rules (here, and our rules, the strictest rules will be applied.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Risks & Rules to mitigate the risks

Onward transmission of Covid-19

All tables must be booked in advance, either via Facebook here or by contacting a committee member direct.

Name, email and phone number of all attendees must be provided to a committee member when booking a table. This information will be retained for 21 days after the meeting, and will be passed to NHS Test and Trace if they request it.

A QR code, linked to NHS Test and Trace, may be available. We would strongly encourage attendees to install the NHS Covid app, and scan the code each time they attend the club.

If you have any Covid symptoms, or if you are required to self-isolate for any reason, do not come to the club.

One male and one female may leave the room at a time to use the toilets.

The kitchen is out of bounds to anyone not on the committee.

Airborne transmission of Covid-19

Face coverings to be worn at all times while attendees are in the hall, unless you are medically exempt. Face coverings must be close fitting and cover your nose and mouth. If you remove your covering to eat or drink, replace it immediately afterwards then wash your hands or use hand sanitiser.

If you arrive at the venue before it has been opened, you must wait outside, maintaining 2m distancing.

Once in the hall, maintain 2m distancing when possible.

All windows and the fire exit to be open throughout the club meeting, weather permitting.

Use two tables, regardless of the size of game you are playing. This will help to maintain social distancing.

We will have a maximum of three tables for use in the downstairs room. The upstairs room will not be in use as the church are not making it available for hire.
The maximum number of people attending to be twelve.

No more than four people to be at each table.

You must not interact with players at other tables. If interaction takes place, the meeting becomes a single social gathering and, subject to the Rule of Six announced on 9 September 2020, would be considered an illegal gathering if there are more than six people present.

Surface transmission of Covid-19

If possible, attendees should bring a bottle of hand sanitiser for their own use.
Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser immediately on arrival, after handling your face covering, after your game, and as often in addition as appropriate.

Cleaning of tables and chairs is required before and after each game. Cleaning supplies will be provided for players’ use.

One player for each game must set up and put away each game and associated scenery, in consultation with their opponent.

Do not handle other players’ game components more than absolutely necessary.
Scenery boxes and mats must only be taken from the cupboard and placed at your table by a committee member, to avoid crowding and potential contamination around the cupboard.

No food or drink will be offered for sale. Please bring your own food and/or drink. Do not share with other players.

Use of hall cups for drinks is not permitted.

Please pay your club fees using PayPal if possible, to reduce the handling of cash. The club’s PayPal account is

Roger Ashton-Winter
Chief Muppet
The Sad Muppet Society
12 September 2020

Annex A: Church rules

  1. You must produce own risk assessment for your activities, including the maximum number that can be accommodated while social distancing. This may be less than the maximum number given above depending on the activities being undertaken or more if mitigations are put in place. You must inform the landlord that the risk assessment has been produced and confirm that it will be followed.
  2. You must not undertake any banned activities.
  3. Members of your group and volunteers must wear face coverings, unless exempt. Employees of the hiring organisation should wear face coverings if required to do so by their employer’s own risk assessment.
  4. You must open the windows and fire exit door (if weather permits) to provide a draught thus aiding ventilation.
  5. You must wipe down any tables and chairs that you intend to use with soapy water.
  6. You must manage any queues that form on arrival or when leaving.
  7. You must keep a record for 21 days of the names and contact details of all who attend. You must inform the landlord of who is holding the records, with their contact details.
  8. Every member of your group must use hand gel on arrival & proceed directly to the Barn (Church Cottage) or the main hall (Glebe Hall).
  9. You may only allow 1 male and 1 female to leave the hall at a time to use the toilets.
  10. You must ensure that group members follow the hygiene signs for using the toilets.
  11. Without further mitigations you may allow only 1 person in the kitchen (plus 2 people in the servery in Church Cottage, if allowed by your risk assessment).
  12. Your members must bring their own cups or use disposable cups if drinks are to be served (if allowed by your risk assessment).