Muppet Dojo at UK Team Championships

An early start for Iain, Mark and I. The only hot drink venue open when we reached Milton Keynes was Subway. I won’t mention which flavour syrup Iain had in his latte, but he did nothing to deflate his hipster image 🙂

We checked in and got our participation swag (set of 8 alt art champions, including Yoritomo, keyfob with team name which will make a nice first player token, clan dual role card). Iain was running Lion, Mark, Phoenix, and I was running Unicorn.

The original plan had been for a traditional swiss-style event but, with 12 teams, that would have made for a very short event. The organisers changed it so that the teams were split into two groups of six, and each group played round robin, against every other team in the group, following by top two from each playing off in semis and finals. At the start of each round, team captains tossed a coin, and the winner chose a player from each side to face off. Then the losing captain did the same, and finally the remaining players paired off.

Teams knew the main clan for each player, so some strategising went on in the run up to the event. As team captain for Muppet Dojo, I had already decided that my main aim was to try and avoid mirror matches where possible.

First opponents were LfauxR (Dragon – Phoenix – Unicorn). Mark managed a win, but Iain and I lost our games. I wish I could remember more about the games, but they became a bit of a blur.

Next up was Da flash gitz (Dragon – Phoenix – Unicorn). Not even Mark could manage the win this round. Oh well, there was a Nando’s nearby for our lunchbreak. Was it cheeky? I’ll let you decide.

Full of chicken and carbs, we headed back for round three, against Samurai Pizza Cats (Crab – Lion – Phoenix). I actually remember the pairings for this one. Iain (Lion), was playing their Crab, Mark (Phoenix) had the only mirror of the day, IIRC, and I (Unicorn) faced Lion. Iain won his matchup. When I saw Mark had managed to Cloud his opponent’s Tadaka, whilst his own was loaded with fate, I knew he had it in the bag. But long before they reached that point, I had been run into the ground by Lion honour. He got his god hand. Toturi, Honoured Blade, Way of the Chrysanthemum. Before I could blink, he was on 26 honour, and we were shaking hands. By his own admission, he rarely gets the combo off, and only has a 15% win rate. Fastest Lion win of the day (and his only win). I just never saw it coming, probably because nobody locally runs this kind of deck. But a win for the round, so we went and collected more role cards.

Round four was against A UK Legend and 2 Tall Tales (Dragon – Scorpion – Unicorn). Again, I remember a little from my game. A very tense affair against Scorpion, with small conflicts, and we went to time. My opponent was ahead on points, but not the five she needed to force the win. I had two Cavalry Reserves in hand, and the fate in hand and on rings to play them both, which carried me over the line. My first win against Scorpion in months. More role cards for Muppet Dojo!

Our final round was against Rokugan Nine-Nine (Dragon – Scorpion – Unicorn), who were in the running to make the final elimination stage. They finished us off in short order IIRC.

Iain and I both finished 1-4, Mark 3-2, so 5-10 on the day, and 2-3 in rounds. That placed us fourth of six in our group, and ninth from twelve overall. No more swag but we’ll be back next year if we can!

Iain, Mark and I rounded off the day with an enlightenment game, using the same decks we’d used all day, so not at all optimal for multiplayer. A few treaties, managed to break my own, losing some honour in the process, but once most of the rings had concentrated around Iain, I was able to swoop in with a single Keeper Initiate and steal the win.

Big thanks to Iain and Mark for a great pair of tourney buddies, Mark for driving, all the people we played against, for making this a really fun, not too serious day, and of course, the organisers without whom none of this would have happened.

Revised table booking process

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, bookings are now needed for tables. We have ten 6′ x 4′ tables available each week.

But forums are old hat, so table bookings have moved to our dedicated Facebook page.

There will be a new post for each week, just comment in the relevant week to reserve your table.

Not on Facebook? Comment below with the date and number of players.

40k: The Hateful Eighth final standings

It was a long, hard fought campaign, but here are the final standings for our inaugural 40k campaign under 8th edition. Congratulations to Peter Whelpton (and thank you from the bottom of my heart for preventing Kyle from wining another campaign)

Power after 4 rounds:

Ellis 9
Kyle 9
Peter 9
Rhyd 9
Murat 7
Andy 6
Connor 6
Iain 6
Sarah 6
Caesar 4
Paul 4
Aaron 3
Bruce 3
Dan Cave 3
Dan Banks 3
Dave 3
Les 3
Richard 3
Adrian 2
Roger 1

Points after 4 rounds:

Peter 12
Bruce 9
Kyle 9
Paul 9
Rhyd 9
Sarah 7
Aaron 6
Ellis 6
Dave 6
Iain 6
Dan B 4
Adrian 3
Andy 3
Connor 3
Dan C 3
Murat 3
Caesar 3
Roger 3
Les 0
Richard 0

Overall Standings:

Peter 21
Kyle 18
Rhyd 18
Ellis 15
Paul 13
Sarah 13
Bruce 12
Iain 12
Murat 10
Aaron 9
Andy 9
Connor 9
Dave 9
Caesar 7
Dan B 7
Dan C 6
Adrian 5
Roger 4
Les 3
Richard 3




Annual General Meeting 30th January 2018

We will elect a new committee.
Quick review of the year, and a look ahead.

Award trophies:
The Bruce McGrath trophy for Most Sporting Muppet
The Pixie Jam trophy for the Muppet of Muppets

Plus a little something for the winner of the 40k campaign

Members vote for the first two. Please send your nomination (just ONE for each category) to

The AGM will only take the first few minutes, so gaming as normal afterwards.

Don’t forget to bring your annual membership fee (£10).

A Colourful Engagement 2017 – CANCELLED


The Sad Muppet Society is running A Colourful Engagement, a 16 player Star Wars: Imperial Assault tournament on September 16th at Newbury Racecourse.

It is part of Colours, Newbury & Reading Wargames Society annual games show.

Tickets are £10, including entry to the show, and are available at the Colours website
Any ticket questions to the show:
Any rules bracelets questions to the Tournament Organiser:

Pack here

A Small Matter of Honour 2017 CANCELLED


You can now reserve your tickets for A Small Matter of Honour, our annual Warhammer 40,000 tournament, which this year takes place on Saturday 6th May 2017.

£15 for a ticket.

Things to note:

We’ve decide to change the format  this year

6x 400 points Combat Patrol games. Read the pack for details.

Location: The Games Shop, Aldershot. Close enough to the town centre that we will not be catering. You’ll be able to get tea and coffee from the venue, but you’ll have to nip into town for lunch.

Notes from the 2017 AGM

Your new (old) committee is unchanged.

Chief Muppet – Roger Ashton-Winter
Money Muppet – Paul Jenkins
Secret Muppet – Martin Brimacombe
Other Muppets – Richard Elliot and David Offen-James

The Bruce McGrath trophy for Most Sporting Muppet goes to Adrian Christie.
The Pixie Jam trophy for the Muppet of Muppets goes to Paul Jenkins.
The chocolate bar of shame, for coming last in the league, goes to Caesar Slattery.
The Beard of Beards trophy, for topping the league, goes to Kyle Cruickshank.

The final league standings are here.

There’s money in the bank for this year, and discussions are underway for events. Not sure what yet though.

Annual General Meeting 2017

The AGM will be at the first meet of the year, Jan 3rd.

We’ll do some boring stuff (committee elections) but the fun stuff is giving vintage cartier bracelets for women

  • The Bruce McGrath trophy for Most Sporting Muppet
  • The Pixie Jam trophy for the Muppet of Muppets
  • The Chocolate Bar of Shame, for coming last in the league
  • The Beard of Beards trophy, for topping the league

Members vote for the first two. Please send your nomination (just one for each to

I’ve updated the league, but there are two weeks left to win games.

The AGM will only take the first few minutes, so gaming as normal afterwards.

Don’t forget to bring your annual membership fee (£10).

Like Shooting Dianogas in a Barrel 2016

What on earth does this mean?

It means that The Sad Muppet Society has finally decided what to call this year’s X-Wing Escalation event, and that tickets are now on sale.

When is it?

5th November 2016

What is Escalation?

You start with a 60 points squad for your first game, and then expand it for 90 points, 120 points and finally 150 points. All the details are in the pack.

How much?


How do I book?

Drop an email to and we’ll send you a Paypal invoice. You don’t need an account, anyone with a debit or credit card can pay that way. If that doesn’t work for you, tell us how you’d like to pay when you email.

Where is it?

The Games Shop
6 Wellington Street
GU11 1DZ