Latedave is running a 2k WFB campaign using the Blood in the Badlands supplement.
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Post by Psiclops » Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:01 am

As you might have guessed from my other posts r.e. painting for RR and having to get old mini's out and base them for the siege, I have nowhere near the 8000 mark of Dark Elves. I have 3 active armies, all of which need extra models painting to go from 2000-2400 between 7th and 8th Ed ! Main reason I stopped after 8th came out was I couldn't field a competetive 2400 without getting more models (and I refuse to pay full GW prices)

I'll tot up what I can do with Dark Elves. I only have 1 Hydra for starters ! Need 4 for that sorta game ! I'm also waiting on a delivery of 20mm bases which hopefully arrives before Tuesday, else the mini's for the siege won't be based (it was listed as dispatched on Wednesday though, so should be OK) !


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