Like Shooting Dianogas in a Barrel 2016

What on earth does this mean?

It means that The Sad Muppet Society has finally decided what to call this year’s X-Wing Escalation event, and that tickets are now on sale.

When is it?

5th November 2016

What is Escalation?

You start with a 60 points squad for your first game, and then expand it for 90 points, 120 points and finally 150 points. All the details are in the pack.

How much?


How do I book?

Drop an email to and we’ll send you a Paypal invoice. You don’t need an account, anyone with a debit or credit card can pay that way. If that doesn’t work for you, tell us how you’d like to pay when you email.

Where is it?

The Games Shop
6 Wellington Street
GU11 1DZ

A Colourful Engagement 2016



The Sad Muppet Society is running A Colourful Engagement, a 16 player Star Wars: Imperial Assault tournament on September 10th at Newbury Racecourse.

It is part of Colours, Newbury & Reading Wargames Society annual games show.

Tickets are £10, including entry to the show, and are available at the Colours website
Any ticket questions to the show:
Any rules questions to the Tournament Organiser:


Demoing Tanks at Valhalla

One or two club members may have noticed that I’m pretty excited by Tanks, the new WW2 armour skirmish game from Gale Force 9. I was one of the lucky ones who picked up a copy, and some extra tanks, at Salute a few weeks ago. I was so excited that, when our friends at Farnborough Wargames Society asked if we fancied running a game at Valhalla, their annual wargames show, I agreed. It’s been a few years since our club has been represented on the show circuit, so this seemed an obvious easy way back in.

The one downer was that this meant I would have to paint some minis. Only three though, so not too much of a shock to my system.

Here are a few pics from the demos I ran on 19th June. The Americans won out, blasting Barkmann out of Normandy five times out of seven. Barkmann only held the advance into France once, and there was one draw. I also chatted to a few guys about the club. With any luck, we might see one or two of them at a club night.

The scenery is a mix of the club’s trees and a ruin, and my 4Ground log cabins.

You can read more about Tanks here.

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NSPCC Big Board Game Day 2016


Thanks to everyone for chipping in for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and their Big Board Game Day.

On Tuesday 31 May, we raffled the contents of a Star Wars X-Wing Spring tournament pack and added in everyone’s subs for the night, bringing us to £120, which has now been paid over to NSPCC.

Enormous thanks to Mick Wright from The Games Shop in Aldershot for donating a Zombicide event pack, which helped pull extra players and donations in on the night.

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