Turn 7 Round Up

Eight games over four months....
One turn every two weeks....
Can the allies win the war again, or will the axis succeed this time....
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Turn 7 Round Up

Post by Pauly J - Grimnor » Mon Aug 11, 2014 11:29 am

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay in getting these last two rounds updated, my illness has flared up over the weeks.

At the end of turn 7, we have the Best of General winners. But I will put up the stats so you can see for yourselves.

Roger 4
Kyle 3
Martin 3
Iain 3
Les 2
Stu 2
OJ 1
Carl 1
James 1
Paul 0

Allied Generals:

Stu CP15, Pts 3,331.5, Units 40
Les CP11, Pts 2,816.5, Units 26
Martin CP6, Pts 2,855.5, Units 28
Iain CP6, Pts 1,904, Units 21
Paul CP4, pts 2,167.5, Units 24

Axis Generals:

Kyle CP14, Pts 3,570, Units 39
OJ CP10, Pts 2,372, Units 28
Roger CP7, Pts 2,263.5, Units 23
Carl CP6, Pts 1,860, Units 21
James CP3, Pts 1,502.5, Units 20

Well done to Stu and Kyle for winning the Generals tables.
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