Turn 1 round up.

Eight games over four months....
One turn every two weeks....
Can the allies win the war again, or will the axis succeed this time....
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Turn 1 round up.

Post by Pauly J - Grimnor » Sat May 03, 2014 5:32 pm

Well we can see why the Axis lost the war!
Allies have 3 wins 2 draws. You can work out from that what the Axis have but no campaign points, Both draws became loses.

Top Generals:
Les and Stu for the allies.
James for the Axis due to attrition points (And I killed the unit for him, Damn Barrage!)

And now the rankings

Allied Generals:
Les: 540pts, 5 units
Stu: 539.5pts, 6 units
Martin 377pts, 3 units
Paul: 373.5pts, 3 units
Iain: 244pts, 3 units

Axis Generals:
James: 196pts, 2 units
Roger: 144pts, 2 units
Kyle: 140pts, 1 unit
Carl: 110pts, 1 unit
OJ: 72pts, 0 units
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Re: Turn 1 round up.

Post by hooper » Sat May 03, 2014 8:54 pm



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