The Spiky Club Open 'Re-animated' 17th August

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The Spiky Club Open 'Re-animated' 17th August

Post by Darkson » Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:38 pm

Not sure if anyone's interested, or if you already know about this, but the Spiky Club is running a one-day BB tournament in August.
ace2k00 wrote:Hi Guys,

I have been away a while (very busy with work) but I thought I would let you know that the spiky club are running a one day event on the 17th August call the spiky open 're-animated'. here is a link to the facebook event.

thanks, hopefully see you there

beardyfluffbag wrote:Rules pack now up on spiky website

August is a busy time for BB in the South (one the last weekend of July, one the weekend before, one in Essex the same weekend, and one the weekend after), so I wpuldn't be surprised if numbers were quite low, so could be the idea tournament to get into tournament Blood Bowl.
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