Madam BumpunGrinds Troupe of Dancing Ladies

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Madam BumpunGrinds Troupe of Dancing Ladies

Post by humakt » Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:36 pm

Due to the fact I anticipate loosing a fair few snotlings, the name are by their very nature, disposable.

(5 Ogres X 140,000 = 700,000)
Thundergusset - Ogre
Nutcracker - Ogre
Wobbly One - Ogre
Lady Penelope - Ogre
Pink Dainty - Ogre

(10 Snotlings X 20,000 = 200,000)
Baron Hotoven - Snotling
Lord Yellowbelly - Snotling
The Green Lightbulb - Snotling
Water Snotling - Snotling
Beer Thing - Snotling
Lunch - Snotling
Pudding - Snotling
Flying toothpick - Snotling
Fried Bacon - Snotling
Running runt - Snotling

1 team reroll (70,000), Fan factor of 3 (30,000)

As a more artistic ogre, Madam BumpunGrinds wished to have a group of dancing ogres who could tour the Empire dispelling the normally held view that Ogres would rather eat you than discuss the finer points of flower arranging. Unfortunately this plan was ruined by the troupes performances degenerating into snotling throwing contests or a slightly peckish dancer causing panic when they spied a tasty snack in the audience (such as a small child).

The move to Blood Bowl was forced on Madam BumpunGrind when she had exhausted her supply of gold in paying out compensation to disgruntled theatre owners who thought it unfair the inside of their establishment had been destroyed by one too many attempts to catch a wayward snotling.

The only problem appears to be a tendency for the ogres to start dancing in the middle of a game and always require a snotling chaperone to herd them to the right place on the field. Yet to encounter success, Madam BumpunGrind is hoping the her teams womanly looks will help them to at least the playoffs so they can resume their dancing careers.

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Re: Madam BumpunGrinds Troupe of Dancing Ladies

Post by riddles » Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:44 pm

bwahahahahahah! I love it. If they're modelled and painted as well as the picture you posted, you may well have yourself a best team vote from me. Awesome, sir.

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Re: Madam BumpunGrinds Troupe of Dancing Ladies

Post by humakt » Wed May 16, 2012 11:11 am

An exciting opening game for the Dancing Ladies. The excitment was mainly caused by the ref being beaten up by both sets of fans prior to the whistle and no other ref being available till half time.

Madam BumpunGrinds pre match talk seemed to stick in the ogres heads for the first half with very few failed bonehead rolls.

A textbook snotling toss by MVP Pink Dainty placed Water Snotling neatly in the end zone for the first score of the game. Nutcracker forced a saurus of the pitch with her trademark block. Reports from the Lizardmans apothicary are that he will make a full recovery and be fit for the next game, although his chance of spawning any young have been dramatically reduced.

The second half was less succesfull. A couple of attempts to throw the snotling ball carrier resulted in the player being removed from the pitch in a state of unconsiouness. Also there were numerous occasions when large parts of the orge line started dancing and not paying attention to the game. This resulted in a rather tidy touch down along the sidelines by a Skink passing play.

One of the skink journey men was shown the error of calling Pink Dainty an ugly troll when she attempted to rip off his arms. Post match interviews report he has no regrets and is happy not to be playing against these so called ladies any time soon.

A one all draw was all that either team could manage.

Team News
Pink Dainty gained the Guard skill

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Re: Madam BumpunGrinds Troupe of Dancing Ladies

Post by humakt » Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:04 pm

Thundergusset - Ogre - SSP 0
Nutcracker - Ogre - SSP 11 CAS - 4 TD - 1 BREAK TACKLE
Wobbly One - Ogre - SSP 2 CAS - 2
Lady Penelope - Ogre - SSP 0
Pink Dainty - Ogre - SSP 7 MVP - 1 CAS - 1 GUARD
Baron Hotoven - Snotling - SSP 0
Lord Yellowbelly - Snotling - SSP 0
The Green Lightbulb - Snotling - SSP 3 TD - 1
Water Snotling - Snotling - SSP 10 MVP - 1 CAS - 1 TD - 1
Beer Thing - Snotling - SSP 0
Pudding - Snotling - SSP 0
Flying toothpick - Snotling - SSP 5 MVP - 1
Running runt - Snotling - SSP 0

1 reroll
5 fanfactor

Team Value 1,120,000

Treasury 110k

Lunch - Snotling - DEAD SSP 2 CAS - 1
Fried Bacon - Snotling - DEAD


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