40k Daemons for sale

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40k Daemons for sale

Post by stu » Wed May 28, 2014 8:48 am

So we all know Daemons are broken in 7th so im giving the muppets first dibs on my daemons before they go on ebay. Here is a list of everything for sale, Its all painted to a decent tabletop standard as im sure my opponents can vouch for.

If anyone is interested in any of my chaos or orks give me a shout, too many to list!

Finecast Bloodthirster
Plastic nurgle prince converted with dragon wings
OOP Metal daemon prince painted Tzeench
FW Nurgle daemon prince mammon
FW Nurgle Herald
Tzeentch herald on disk
Khorne herald on Juggernaut
The changeling (Herald of Tzeentch)

10 pink horrors
10 plague bearers

The rest
10 Flesh hounds (made from fantasy dire wolves)
5 Screamers (2 scratch built)
3 flamers (Unpainted)
5 FW plague toads (Beasts of nurgle)


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