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Skaven army for sale

Post by FistOfDorn » Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:39 pm

Hello everyone

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I am looking to sell my fully painted skaven army. I am due my first baby soon and I think I am going to have way less time to play, but probably far more time to sit in the house next to a sleeping baby trying not to make any noise. So painting and hobby interests need to be maintained!

Because of this I am looking to sell my whole skaven army and start a vampire counts army. So I can keep painting. The trouble is I have no idea how much I should be asking for it. I think I am a pretty good painter and have spent a long time making this army look awesome (in my opinion obviously). Could anyone give me any ball park figures of how much it would be sensible to ask for?

I think my wife would be more supportive of me buying a new army if I was able to hand her a little bit of profit for baby things and use the rest to buy my next models.

I would include some pictures below to show the standard of painting..............but I cant figure out how to do it! I can always e-mail them if anyone is willing to have a look and help me out.

The army consists of the following:
Metal grey seer on foot
Screaming bell (plastic) magnetised so can be easily turned into a plague furnace
one converted warlord with fellblade (magnetised to fit on bonebreaker)
1 converted lord to BSB
One regular lord
3 x warlock engineers
40 stormvermin
60 clanrats with shield and spear
60 clanrats with shield and hand weapon
2 poison wind mortars
2 warpfire throwers
20 night runners
Hellpit Abomination
6 rat ogres (one rat ogre has been magnetised so it can act as a bonebreaker mount
3 pack masters

Any advice on what would be a fair asking price would be greatly appreciated.




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