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Like Shooting Banthas in a Barrel 2015

Like Shooting Banthas in a Barrel 2015

Congratulations to Andrew Hurp for his victory at the very first Sad Muppet Society X Wing tournament.

Massive thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday. I hope you all had a great time.

The final scores are here

There were two entries for Best Repainted Squad. Rebels from David Robotham, Scum from Elvis Fisher. The winning squad, voted for by you the players, is David Robotham. Pics of both are on our Facebook page

Some lessons learned for us as organisers. The FFG scoring was too confusing. A straight win/draw/loss 3/1/0 and points destroyed to split ties would probably have done just fine, without causing quite so much angst.

To all of those who pointed us at Cryodex for the future, we will be taking a long hard look at this, and other things such as X-Wing TO.

And a personal apology from me, for screaming TIME, at the end of the first round, particularly to the guys stood right next to me at that moment. Sorry folks.

We will be running something around the start of May 2016, but what format and what game is yet to be decided. Everyone who entered this, plus all our previous attendees, will be amongst the first to know, once we've made our minds up.